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2G’z – Freestyle/Hello

It’s probably fair to say that most would be filled with a sense of apprehension when faced with a fresh rap using Adele’s ubiquitous ‘Hello’. Granted, hip-hop artists have been making use of existing material as a backdrop for their own rhymes for years, and let’s take a moment to remember the remarkable use of Dido’s ‘Thank You’ on ‘Stan’, which arguably set the standard some fifteen years ago. So, when those oh-so recognisable piano notes kick in, there is an immediate sense of familiarity which sets the stage perfectly for 2G’z to deliver his freestyle flow which comes in almost immediately. This means that there’s no chance of making the mistake that it’s going to be Adele’s vocal gracing the track this time, and suddenly the expectation shifts from the anticipation of smoky soul to a more attentive anticipation where it feels as though something new and special is about to happen. As a result, the vocal delivery is sharp and punchy, filled with attitude and vitriol, and a flow that has powerful pauses that act as an emotional punctuation. At just two minutes, it’s short and (bitter)sweet, leaving the listener reeling from the personal depth unpacked from the rhymes that are delivered hard and fast.

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