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46 Clicks – Home

“Street Rock” band 46 Clicks from Sydney bang out their clattering track ‘Home’ as if their life depends on it.

avatars-000070263803-x9bijc-t500x500It’s brash, it’s noisy, and it’s the kind of rock and roll that refuses to be pigeonholed in any way at all. Initially ‘Home’ comes across as if it could be a one hit wonder, the kind of track that achieves significant success from appearing on an advert, but never shows any signs of there being any kind of follow up. That isn’t really the case here, as 46 Clicks are working hard on their home turf to build up a solid following and keep on knocking out more tunes. If anything, ‘Home’ sounds something like the kind of thing Busted would be doing today if they were still together, still banging out ‘Year 3000’ like it’s still a big deal. Thankfully, they’re not doing that, and even more thankfully 46 Clicks have enough going for them that is different. Lead singer Doc White sneers his nasal lead vocals, Wes thunders his distinctive bass work, while Nicky the drummer bashes out his own little version of hell on the skins, When all three come together to form 46 Clicks, it’s time for some seriously fun indie rock that will get the blood pumping.

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