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A Choir Of Ghosts – Ester

There are times when a song has the magical capacity to transport you to another realm. ‘Ester’ is one such track, with its wistful and yearning tones that bring back memories of early Bon Iver.

A Choir Of GhostsIt’s also the kind of song that works as a mood enhancer – if you’re feeling good, those blissful notes will lift you higher, while if you’re not in a  good place then it also works as the perfect backdrop for indulging in some lonely self pity. The track manages to offer some surprises, all the time showing the incredible beauty that exists in the darkness of the human condition, and the endless draw of escapism found in lines such as “Please tell me a story / That I can live in.”

‘Ester’ manages to walk the fine line between super hipster and indie edge, with its frosty and glacial guitars that slink underneath the warming vocals, creating the kind of comfort blanket that you use outside on a cool night while enjoying the canopy of stars that shimmer overhead. A Choir Of Ghosts have knocked out a winner here, so be sure to check it out as soon as it is available.

‘Ester’ is released on 26th October

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