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Across The Board – Don’t Drag Me Down

For International Women’s Day, female fronted Canadian rock band Across The Board have released ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ into the wild. What’s not to like? Short and to the point, coming in at under three minutes long, it’s a track full to the brim with intention. Setting the scene with a quick look back over the shoulder, the lyrics “You know you took me for a fool / It was nothing short of cruel” establish as sense of what has passed, while it’s now time to look ahead: “Don’t Drag Me Down /Stop foolin’ around.” Musically there is a deep indie/emo vibe going on – the band happily refer to Metric and Broken Social Scene as influences. The guitars are tight and spiky, the rhythm section is strong and works hard to hold everything in its right place, while Jacqueline Auguste’s sultry vocal serves as the rudder leading the way forward for the good ship Across The Board. Political without ever being preachy, Across The Board’s ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’ serves as an excellent reminder of the ongoing issues that surround us today while we continue to seek and fight for equality. That a band can get that message across in under three minutes with such effect is to be respected.

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