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Adoniz – Breathe

With a smooth vocal that cuts through with confidence and a depth of tone, Adoniz’s ‘Breathe’ is a cool piece of soulful hip hop.

Adoniz - BreatheThe internet is awash with musicians, and particularly hip hop artists. Much like when the internet was a new technology and everybody had a website – often covered in garish animated GIFs, bad font choices, and music playing in the background – today the internet is prime real estate for putting your music out there. With the advent of MySpace, Facebook, and eventually the harnessing of social networking in music through sites like SoundCloud, artists now have many effective ways of getting their sounds heard. And so it is for Adoniz, with his tunes out there in the world for all to engage with. ‘Breathe’ is the kind of track that can sit perfectly on a party mix, and Adoniz’s music falls into that smooth R Kelly type area which has a keen audience who will benefit from and enjoy it. The lyrics are uplifting and hopeful, all backed up with a production style that carries the track along effortlessly. And while it’s fair to say that ‘Breathe’ isn’t going to break any records in terms of its originality, it manages to stand up strong on its own terms against the competitive world it finds itself in the midst of.


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