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Adry – Place

Assaf Adry’s latest track ‘Place’ is a song of yearning, the age old story of wanting to be with someone who is already taken.

PlaceCoverBut Adry’s confidence in the song is clear – it doesn’t make a difference just so long as you know that you want to be together. What becomes curious in the song is the revelation that “she’s just in my head”, and that this perfect woman is perhaps just a figment of the imagination after all. The music leans towards Beatles inspired chord changes, with soft acoustic guitar strums that lead into the building of a subtle drum rhythm. Later strings begin to emerge, which not only add a certain harmonic bedrock but also serve to draw out the intricacies of the melody along the way. While it’s fair to say that the song itself isn’t going to break any records any time soon or get many accolades in terms of original writing, Adry’s commitment to constructing and performing with confidence and competence is to be admired. Available as a free download, ‘Place’ is a worthy introduction to the wider work of Assaf Adry and if this is the kind of thing that ticks your boxes, then by all means get on and go further into this world of daydreaming pop.

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