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Against The Clocks – 47872

If you had to sum up Against The Clocks’ sound in a few words, it would be difficult to avoid mentioning Bon Jovi – the band’s sound certainly looks back to classic rock sounds.

artworks-000111594952-0lbmvf-t500x500‘Not With You’ is the archetypical soft rock ballad, sitting somewhere between ‘Dry County’ and ‘Run To You’, with its unassuming chords and delicate backing vocals. As a song, it takes the time to settle in to things, not rushing or hurrying at all. ‘Top Floor’ similarly lets itself unfold gradually, rather than rushing in to things too quickly. Eventually the track does burst a little – of course not with any kind of aggression – revealing a wide range of sounds and tones that are put to good use throughout the song. 47872 features some truly tender moments, with heartwarming piano on ‘Love’s Like’, alongside some surprisingly energetic and expressive moments when guitar solos leap out to make themselves heard. Concluding with ‘Catch Me Now’, we are given a track that offers wet drums and a snappy guitar. At first the track seems out of place alongside the rest of the songs here, but as it progresses it begins to take shape and it becomes clear that it really does have a place on 47872, and proves itself as worthy of making up one quarter of Against The Clocks’ EP.

Stand out track: Love’s Like

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