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Ahtanum Shore – The Words She’ll Never Hear

Channelling the classic emo/hardcore sounds of Finch, The Receiving End Of Sirens, and Taking Back Sunday, Ahtanum Shore burst onto the scene with their latest collection of brutal tunes.

Ahtanum Shore‘It’s Your Turn Now’ makes full use of those hardcore vocals, with a call and response style line which features an emotive reply that would be perfectly placed on any classic record of the same genre from the mid 2000s. ‘Saving Grace’ has a somewhat more brooding edge to it, before it bristles and explodes into a hyped up rage, the snare snapping along while the crackling vocal screams cry out under the lead vocal line. ‘Raise The Flags (Show Them We Survived)’ rattles out some seriously hectic guitar work and features some really thick and chewy screams, while ‘Miles To The Sun’ blends smooth vocals with splintered guitars and some gripping auto tuned vocal cutaways. ‘Through No Fault Of My Own’ splashes the track’s tone with hints of phased guitars, and unloads a chorus that is one of the catchiest moments on the record – but it’s on ‘Down The Rabbit Hole (Follow Me)’ that the surprises really appear, with flashes of dirty blues and old school rock and roll that nod towards Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. ‘This Song’s For You’ is your classic hardcore track, the kind which would sit in any fan’s playlist very comfortably.¬†The Words She’ll Never Hear¬†from Ahtanum Shore is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of hardcore fans out there.

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