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Ain’t No Other – Never Really Broke


“Ain’t No Other is a 12 year underground artist from Virginia that released his first project in winter of 1998. A.N.O. has always stuck to the creed of original music to compliment his light shallow voice bringing his style to life.”

Album opener ‘Devour’ is a dark brooding number carried along with the hip-hop beat and distant vocal yelps that fall away into the darkness. The female vocal offers a beauty to the track with the smouldering “lose control” mantra.

On ‘Stay Away (Selfish)’ the female vocal opens the track with a dubstep flavour before the beat kicks in and A.N.O. starts to deliver his signature sounds. “They say life’s about what you make it / I wasn’t quick to commit but I didn’t make it.” Thematically it stays dark, with the female “Stay away” against the male “Do you really want me to go?” repeats to create an unsettling feel.

‘Whose Birthday Is it?’ features a parping house organ and party ideals: “Whose birthday is it? Shots on me.” while ‘Royalties’ winds it back with a smooth vibe, all lounge pianos and strings.

Later on in the album there’s a lo-fi feel to ‘Hard On Myself’, with some melancholic lyrics “All I got is God and myself / I know, man, I’m hard on myself.”

Album closer ‘Taught You That’ begins with a swaggering brass section and draws things to a close with soulful female vocals, pulling together the overall smooth vibe found across the whole album.

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