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Alt3rEgo – Back To Life

Fusing together funk, jazz, lounge, soul, R&B and pop, Alt3rEgo thrown down some mean tunes on their album Back to Life.

alt3rego_pr3Opening with ‘Get That No More’, the band’s acid pop guitars lace the track with a snappy tone and immediately establish the band’s sound as one that uses catchy hooks, funky rhythms, and eclectic beats. ‘Coming Back To Life’ features emotive female vocals that move the band’s aesthetic towards that of Zero 7, while ‘Join The Revolution’ makes use of gritty synth stabs that create a sense of attitude, before exploding into a rich chorus that blends male and female vocals into a spiral of soul and fun.

With some tracks having titles like ‘My Funky Alter Ego’, it’s not hard to guess what might be about to be presented to you, and you’d be right, drenched in an acid jazz style, with wah-wah guitars yowling all over the place. ‘Gotta Pray’ pulls in the trumpets to create a gospel sound, while ‘Wishing You Were Here’ incorporates some rhodes to lay an emotional foundation for the soulful vocals, and later ‘Singing’ turns up the heat with a hot disco track perfectly designed for the dance floor.

The album features a wide range of tones and sounds, while always sticking to the acid jazz style, with different synth and organ sounds always present to spice things up. ‘The Dream Is Over’ balances rhodes and hammond sounds, while ‘Let’s Have A Party’ nods heavily in the direction of Jamiroquai with some sassy female vocals added to the recipe.

Closing with ‘Radio Venus’, Back To Life provides an instrumental conclusion to a journey of funk that brings the album to an end in a psychedelic fashion.


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