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Amari Mar – Da God Must B Krazy


Amari Mar’s latest release, Da God Must B Krazy, opens with such a stripped back, unassuming style. While it’s something of a curveball in terms of the rest of the album, it’s a good indicator of the intentional methods employed by Amari Mar to create delicate sounds in the midst of his at times machine-gun rap style.

On tracks like ‘Prepaid’, the loop used as the backdrop is has a seventies feel, much like some of the samples used by The GO Team a few years back, and it creates a sense of nostaligia. ‘Proof In The Pudding’ continues with the nostalgic throwback sound, plus a belching bassline and jitters around like it has a mind of its own, and it works well against the more modern hip-hop to create a dynamic that works well to keep the tunes interesting.

An unexpected surprise is the Hendrix-esque guitar present on ‘On The Mic’, which creaks and squeals throughout the track. With scratches and samples included, things move more towards a trip-hop style, and it’s great to see some crossover with Amari Mar experimenting with a rich variety of genres and styles.

The strength of Da God Must Be Krazy is found in Amari Mar’s choice of samples, which as previously mentioned create a warm sense of nostalgia. The raps are consistent, with a good flow that displays a confidence that makes the record on the whole an enjoyable listen.

Check out Da God Must B Krazy by Amari Mar for some interesting hip-hop that puts scratching and samples to good use.

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