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Amir Khan – Images From Past


Multi-genre, American composer Amir Khan’s main instrument is the keyboard but also plays exotic classical sitar and tabla.

With has over 20 years of composing, performing and arranging experience, he is always exploring new music technology and new media. His second album Images from Past was released in 2013, and features a range of styles, blending cinematic music with electronic and world music.

A collection of instrumentals, Images From Past is interesting and engaging, with tracks like ‘DW Theme’ (which is definitely not Amir Khan’s own version of the Doctor Who theme) that mixes a throbbing kick drum with swirling electronic elements. ‘Bright Stars’ balances delay-laden electronic parts with an underbelly of synth washes that shimmer and slide throughout the track, a slightly wheezing snare gently pattering away to lead the track on its path. ‘Sacred Mantra’ adds more world music elements, with chimes that create a meditative air to the track, while ‘I Remember’ has a high class feel to it, with rich strings which conjure up images of English stately homes, forming a piece of music that would suit a period drama soundtrack very well. With a more eastern, psychedelic feel, ‘Desi Turz’ uses sitars and timpani to create a relaxed atmosphere that’s not without a sense of fun and humour, while ‘Dueling Dhool’ pitches some mightily percussion against airy, gasping synths and some industrial tones. Closing with ‘Point E’, there’s a return to the delay-covered notes and sprawling synths, with a more insistent snare, creating a sound that would work well as a video game soundtrack, something that Amir Khan has had experience with in the past. It’s an album of intrigue, that doesn’t always to what you might expect for an instrumental record of this type, and the risks it takes along the way are to be admired.

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