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Andy Oliver – Running Out Of Time

With his own brand of folk infused with battle scars and determination, Andy Oliver steps forward with his latest release, ‘Running Out Of Time’.

1379254792_blackpoolWith distant sounding, melancholic guitars, ‘Running Out Of Time’ creates the sound of someone who has consigned themselves to the fact that things have come to an end, and there is nothing that can be done to change the situation. Oliver opens up his feelings and ruminations, thinking over the things that have gone past and questioning if anything could have been done differently. The depth of sadness that runs through the track is palpable, particularly when the lonely piano line enters the mix, underpinning Andy Oliver’s distinctive and yearning vocal. The overall production and construction of the song is very sensitive, as it draws to its close with a single cello that ¬†yawls out its deep notes. While the song itself doesn’t feel like it’s breaking into any realms of innovation, it does follow a tried and tested folk ballad formula that makes for easy and immediate engagement, and manages to plant the hooks of the chorus firmly in your mind, ensuring that you will almost certainly be humming the melody to yourself later on in the day.

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