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Anna Aliena – The Muse

Anna Aliena’s own brand of ‘Alien Pop’ features some gutsy classical crossover music that isn’t afraid to take a few risks.

Cover_The_Muse‘Deine blauen Augen’ perfectly encapsulates this very idea, with its earthy vocals that are sung in German and a sound that at times touches on Gothic opera, albeit without the crunching guitars! The EP’s title track, ‘The Muse’ sees Aliena’s voice leaning all the more closely to the tones of Kate Bush, with a characterful mezzosoprano vocal that adds a narrative, storytelling feel to her music. ‘I’m Gonna Fly Away’ continues to allow the theatrical feelings to unfold, at times the music truly explodes with the soaring vocals creating an energetic rise up towards the rafters.

Where Anna Aliena’s music really stands out is in her blending of otherworldly sounds and tones with the age old familiarity of musical traditions that have proved to stand the test of time. As a result, this is music that should be a real thrill for any fans of current classical crossover, as well as providing some interesting listening for anyone wanting to broaden the genre palette that they might usually go to.

The Muse is to be released on CD as well as digitally on 30th October 2015.

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