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Anna Pena – Style

Anna Pena’s cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ captures the same inner groove found on the original, but here the song is delivered more delicately with care and attention given to her softer vocal delivery.

Anna Pena - StyleWhere the original was a thumping, beat driven slice of pop, Anna Pena brings a more introspective approach to the song. It’s much less self conscious than Swift’s heavily produced version, and as a result the song is shown to have a depth to it that isn’t immediately apparent but becomes much clearer through the more acoustic, piano based format that Pena has chosen. In checking out her other work, she’s clearly not afraid to step up to the big guns – Anna’s recent YouTube release of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ really makes a decent fist of it, and let’s make no mistake: that’s one of the hardest pop songs to sing to have been released for quite some time. Where her true skill lies is in her ability to bring a softness to the songs that she performs, Anna Pena allows the song to speak for herself, and on ‘Style’ in particular we see evidence not only of a singer with the ability to choose the right song for her voice, but that she is also more than capable to making the right adjustments to lat the song shine just as brightly as her own vocal skills.

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