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Answer Me (Reyer Remix) – Boat Angel

Sometimes when you hear a four to the floor beat it just grabs you, doesn’t it?

‘Answer Me’ is a pumping piece of energetic dance music with a strong gospel message that runs through it. For some listeners the overtly Christian lyrics might make the track a little difficult to really get into, but that shouldn’t stop most people from being able to enjoy the strong beats and lush synth tones. In terms of a reference point, the track itself feels close in its style to Owl City’s ‘Dreams And Disasters’, a track which has a similarly pumping beat that thuds out loud and creates a kind of heart beat that pulses throughout. From the Christian end of the spectrum, there is certainly a leaning towards the work of the hugely successful Chris Tomlin, particularly as he has been using more disco sounds recently. ‘Answer Me’ might not be the most original piece of work available, but it’s summery and filled with a sense of hopefulness that we always need at some point, so why not give it a spin and let the four to the floor beat get your feet tapping along to the feel good vibes.

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