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Arkos – Reflected

Equal parts brutal and beautiful, Arkos’ Reflected is brooding, colourful, and creative in ways that new music really should be.

arkos-reflectedOpening with swirling tones and dark synths, ‘Night’ couldn’t be more appropriately titled. As the song unfolds, the metal tinges guitars wail with their pinch harmonics and driving rhythms. Vocally there is a strength and confidence that makes the music comforting in the midst of the music’s weightiness.

‘In Your Eyes’ is a more skittering, clattering track with insistent guitars that splutter their riffs gloriously until the chorus is treated to long chugs and squeals. By this point in becomes more clear that the influences on the vocals are coming in the direction of Queens Of The Stone Age, Audioslave, with a distinct southern drawl like that of Lifehouse or even Michael Stipe at times. ‘Without Me’ offers a little more contrast, opening with light and glacial notes, before exploding into a metallic growl with splintered guitars and vocals that rip through the track with attitude, the EP’s first sign of a metal scream that feels like it’s been a long time coming.

Closing with ‘Make Believe’, Arkos draws Reflections to its conclusion with a more experimental piece that opens tenderly, developing into a more brutish piece with wildly inventive chord progressions that are at times really quite exciting. As a result, once it’s all over the songs have managed to establish themselves as well written and produced, and worth taking a look at.

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