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Armada Named Sound – Starchildren

Electronica wizards Armada Named Sound come out with their audio guns blazing on their “retrofuture sonic attack”, Starchildren.

ArmadaNamedSound‘Afterdrive’ kicks the Starchildren EP with a vivid, neon laced rhythm that paints a picture of driving along a high speed road at night while the street lights flash past. The pop that is laced through the track is palpable, energetic and dynamic, constantly evolving and keeping the listener firmly it its grip as it powers forward. Things get a little more urban on ‘Fixation’, with a synth sequence that burrows deep into the brain and weaves itself into the track’s foundations, while the male-female vocals respond and react to each other in an engaging dialogue. The cyberpunk inspired ‘Droid Dance’ is all hyper EDM, with a relentless throb that runs through like a sonic spine that sends electrical signals to the rest of the instrumentation as it shifts and moves in response and reaction to the audio construction that holds it together. Closing with ‘Blindvei’, there is a relaxed ease in that builds itself to a hypnotic higher state of consciousness. It brings the EP to its conclusion in a perfect delivery of blissed out electronica, balancing an upward groove with a gradual comedown with a landing bump that is all but indiscernible.

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