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BLEE – As It Happens

Packed with energy and creativity, BLEE brings delivers a rich fusion of up to the minute dance with a blend of dancehall.

a3716515291_10The repeated mantra of “I woke up feeling like a king” does the job well, giving the listener an upbeat sense of positivity, pumping out sky high attitude and the feeling that it just might be possible we can all take on the world. “Top Of The Morning” manages to open with a tongue in cheek philosophical introduction that leads into funky two step tune that has everything needed to get everyone out of their seats and on to the dance floor in style. There are some sweet, sweet laid back moments as well – “Something For The Pain’ adds a lounge guitar that paints a picture of chilling out on the beach while the sun goes down, while “Lose Myself” employs a rich, dark synth that works perfectly as an end of the night club slow dance track. It’s restrained, unassuming, smooth, and ever so slightly steamy. As the track unfurls, the sawtooth synths rise up on the chorus, baring its sonic incisors before retreating again for the flow of the vocals to continue to roll along. “Natural Hair’ kind of trots along, the kind of track that works while cruising in the car but not one that you might pick out of a line up, while closing track “Life” draws again on those smooth and sultry tones that could almost lull you to sleep with its solipsistic tones.

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