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Ash In October – Greater Crime


Musical genres often are pitted against each other as if they are in competition with each other. In the late nineties it was the resurgence of dance music pushing britpop out of the way.

In the sixties it was the clash of the mods and the rockers. Ash In October stand as a testimony of the continued pursuit of electronic music despite the resistance it has faced, past, present, and future.

“Ash in October helped shape the fledgling electro music scene in Brisbane, Australia, performing and recording in the late 1980s at a time when electronic music was not widely accepted in the ‘pub rock’ dominated local music scene. Originally released on vinyl in 1989 as a double A-side single, Greater Crime and Sex Machine have been re-recorded by Ash In October to mark the 25 year anniversary of the songs.” 

‘Greater Crime’ is an interesting track to be faced with today, bearing in mind that this is a new recording 25 years later. The challenge it faces today is how it stands up against the recent resurgence in electronic music, and the way in which it is finding itself incorporated into many indie rock bands. In the post-iPod, Spotify generation, people are consuming all kinds of music and the barriers and boundaries that were once in place are increasingly less prevalent.

The track itself is a reasonable four minutes of electronic pop that bears a strong resemblance in many ways to Tears For Fears’ ‘Mad World’, harking back to the glory days of the eighties and dragging with it images of fluorescent leg warmers and shell suits. High points to the track are the cheeky bassline that stands out as its own character, and the vocals are as close to new romantic as you’re going to get in 2014.

For a bit of something different, looking back to its roots and stepping forward into the age ahead, check out ‘Greater Crime’ by Ash In October.

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