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Atman – The Silent King

Atman’s music blends together fresh beats with light, glacial tones that run alongside his flowing R&B influenced vocals.

‘Try Again’ is soft and light in its approach, using a variety of dynamic styles to create a sense of movement and thought. Some way into the track, a more insistent beat moves into place, like a jittery heartbeat that leads the song towards its closing point. ‘I Want It’ uses more unsettling high pitched tones, like an alien choir that provides an eerie backdrop for Atman’s vocal, while ‘Soar’ takes a light and airy piano part and allows the listener to float beautifully as the notes echo out. There are fuzzy electronic moments to be found here too, with ‘Slow’ sounding like an indie crossover with Kanye West. Atman’s style is broad and artistic, never filling the soundscape with too much all at once, but successfully creating a variety of sonic landscapes, as if he has created an entire world out of his own music that has managed to somehow come to live. At times it is as if there are entire civilisations to be found deep insideĀ The Silent King, and as such it gives any fan of hip hop plenty to enjoy and get lost in.

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