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Aztec – Stitches


a2994833407_2So indie it almost hurts at times, Aztec are a well polished alt rock machine.

Opening with the crunchy guitar chugs of ‘The Benefits Of Being Alone’, one can’t help being reminded of those hipster kings and queens, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Blending male and female vocals effortlessly, Stitches is snappy and exciting, an EP that stands up and declares ‘Who said rock was dead, anyway?’

‘Too Shallow To Be A Grave’ balances guitars with personality, a strong rhythm section, and an arrangement that keeps the ears keen for every beat of the track. Shifting from verse to chorus, the style and organisation takes hairpin corners while keeping you firmly and comfortably in your seat. ‘Untitled Part One’ is more of a steady ballad, yet has darker undertones that come from a deep and powerful rhythm, and soars at the mid point with its yowling, brittle guitar solo, while ‘If I Believed Anything’ heads on more of a straight up punk direction, with touches of Weezer in the warm, blustering guitars.

Closing with ‘East’, Stitches comes to its conclusion with a thundering and at points aggressive final track, structured with Atztec’s distinctive production and arrangement. It’s a fitting end to a regularly thrilling EP that demands a second spin after its first listen.

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