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Barbara Lusch – Where The Streets Have No Name

It’s one of the most well known and recognisable tracks from the Irish stadium rockers U2, so it’s a real surprise to hear such a vastly reimagined version from Barbara Lusch.

Final_5_8_14_BL_Rock_Me_Sweet_PromoWith its brooding, sultry upright bass, and yearning notes that stretch out from the violin, Lusch brings her own jazzy tones to the track in a way that completely repaints the song in a way that you have never heard it before. These kind of covers are always a real joy to listen to – think of Kylie Minogue’s recent reinterpretation of her own songs on the Abbey Road sessions – because let’s face it, when it’s a song we all know back to front, a straight play through of a song becomes the most boring thing imaginable. Here, by contrast, ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ becomes an almost entirely new song. In terms of sheer rearrangement, it’s probably best compared to some of the Black Sabbath songs that were covered by The Cardigans in the nineties, most notably Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Iron Man. By successfully recreating this song in such a dynamically and creatively new way, Barbara Lusch has set a new standard in cover versions, and there can be no doubt that the other songs on her albumĀ Rock Me Sweet will be similarly remarkable.

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