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Beatwalker – I Don’t Get You

Opening with a hugely effected yet stripped back vocal line, ‘I Don’t Get You’ wastes no time at all getting straight into the beat, first with a echoey, natural drum fill that leads into the track’s thumping four to the floor bass beat.

Beatwalker - I Don't Get YouIt’s a pretty relentless track as things go. The main lead riff worms its way into the mind with little effort, perfectly matching the rhythm of the song, while the repetition of the vocal line goes around and around in an almost maddening way, as if performing some kind of mantra or ritual to work the dance floor worshipers into a kind of euphoric frenzy. By the track’s midpoint, things have established a well worn groove that shows signs of fitting into any DJ’s set list, with a sound that could blend easily into another track or even lend itself to a mashup or two. And so, by the time ‘I Don’t Get You’ begins to come in to last, it becomes surprisingly less intense, slightly softer in its approach, before once again bringing the lead riff to centre stage to make sure it has no chance whatsoever of leaving your head for the next twenty four hours.

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