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Bianca Jane – Forever’s Just A Word

Bianca Jane’s ‘Forever’s Just A Word’ is just under four minutes of sonic adrenaline to blow you away.

BIanca JaneOpening with a great 8-bit chiptune style intro that conjures up all kinds of classic video game thoughts, the song then explodes into its own brand of female fronted power pop rock. There are certainly shades of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, with undertones of metal riffs from bands like Killswitch Engage – check the pinch harmonics! The track features a particularly moving moment when it reaches the break point, with Bianca Jane’s vocal being stripped of most instrumentation so that we seem as though we are alone with only the reverberation of the room providing any kind of ambience. It really lets her voice shine, and it’s clear that she has a really strong voice. At just under four minutes, ‘Forever’s Just A Word’ powers along with its crunching guitars and sassy vocals. If this is anything to go by, it’s worth watching this space for whatever she happens to release next, as this is some exciting new music that indie rock fans with a penchant for emo or metal tinged rock are sure to enjoy getting stuck in to.

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