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Bifunkal – Triceratops

If David Lynch and Fatboy Slim got drunk and decided to make a song for a Saturday morning kids’ show, there is every possibility it might turn out something like this.

BifunkalOnce you realise that Binfunkal’s method is found in live looping and vocal bass, their music becomes all the more fascinating. On the face of it, ‘Triceratops’ might not seem to be the most ground breaking piece of funk rock fusion you’ve ever heard, but the way they have gone about creating the track makes it entirely endearing and fascinating. Truth be told, the bass line would be awesome even if it wasn’t being performed by someone’s throat, the guitar riffs are cheeky and daring, and there are some unique moments that have the air of Air to them.

As a first single of the upcoming albumĀ Animals, this track is an excellent example – one hopes – of what to expect when it lands. If ‘Triceratops’ is anything to judge it by, we can only assume that it will be packed to the brim with snappy, funky guitar lines and groovy, wobbly bass that will make it hard for you to resist bobbing your head.

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