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Bigfoot Barefoot – 1216 EP

Kicking off with ‘Hey Hey’, Bigfoot Barefoot’s sound immediately comes across as like something you’ve not heard before.

bigfoot-barefoot-1216With its funky bass notes that creak along in the track, underpinning the snappy funk guitar, and flickers of wah wah swells, it’s an opening track that prepares the listener for something different. ‘Anyways’ heads towards a more washed out aesthetic, with hints of Hendrix on the vocal, drenched in reverb and creating the feeling of taking it easy beside the beach on a summer’s day, while ‘Don’t Forget Your Shoes’ employs a Specials type of 2 step feel, laced with swirling organ and parping brass. ‘Shine On Thru’ features some seriously positive vibes, cranking up the funk factor and embellishing the instrumentation with some great chord progressions and electrifying guitar solos that fizzle and hum. ‘Panic Attack’ it more laid back and easy going in its approach, opening with a relaxed riff that leads into a vocal lead that is as dynamic as it is calming, while the EP’s closing track ‘Oh Snap’ comes from the school of Jack Johnson with its lazy SoCal vibe. The track bringsĀ 1216 in to land effortlessly, leaving the listener in the perfect state of happy but left with the taste for more, making it a collection of tracks that welcomes a second spin.

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