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Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – The Last of the Originals

Clattering into action with ‘Mrs Jones’, BRATRR immediately establish their sound as big and bold, with a confidently laid back feel underneath it all.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders - The Last of the OriginalsThe tone is very much in the vein of bluesy country rock, all smoky and tinged with the sound of seedy american bars. ‘I’m Gonna Get That Girl’ powers along with its high-octane guitar riff that rattles along the road, developing as the track progresses into some full on screams and squeals that make for some pretty exciting listening. The range in style across the album manages to be fairly varied, despite drawing from a relatively limited stock – ‘With You’ is a bright and breezy ballad that swells and swirls in all the right places. Vocally, the music sounds at times like Pavement’s Scott ‘Spiral Stairs’ Kannenberg, which isn’t that much of a surprise given his county leanings. Intriguingly, there are moments such as on ‘Never Know’ where the tracks feel almost Pixies-like in their structure, and ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ sounds like something that could easily have been found on one of R.E.M’s first few records. The Last Of The Originals is a fresh set of country rock that manages to approach things in a new way, and that is always welcome when it comes to new music.

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