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Blee – Life

‘Life’ is a smooth and laid back slice of soul infused hip hop here to carry you along the night time city streets.

blee-lifeLaced with a lounge style jazz guitar part, Blee’s vocal effortlessly flows over the beat, with lyrics that somehow contrast themselves with simultaneously abrupt and dismissive lines like “Life’s a little harder when you’re black / I ain’t got a problem with that / I’m in love with the skin that I’m in / Nothing in the world is gonna change that.” The overall tone, as earlier suggested, paints a picture of a confident yet lonesome figure making their way along a dark and rainy urban landscape, perhaps moving on from a situation that has been left behind for good towards a new hope of positive possibilities. The track has within it a sense of sadness but also an inner strength, emphasised by its religious references, and shifts back and forth between more crude statements and philosophical musings. Blee’s particular brand of hip hop positively drips with soul, with a flow that locks into the track’s rhythm and keeps the listener hooked from start to finish, and is a worthy addition to the playlist of any die hard lover of the genre.

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