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Blood Sugar Summer – Haunted

With all the eighties darkness of Depeche Mode and the Cure, Blood Sugar Summer’s style is deliciously synthtastic.

Blood Sugar Summer - Haunted‘Haunted’ is something of a curveball when one surveys the general landscape currently on show in today’s music scene, and as a result it stands out as refreshingly different. In terms of its component parts, there’s a lot here to investigate – the powerful chorussy wash of the underlying guitars, the spiky and glacial keys with their long decay that would be disturbingly hackneyed if they weren’t so geek-chic hip.

Placing themselves in the ‘doomwave’ bracket, Blood Sugar Summer certainly kick out  dark and brooding atmostphere, and ‘Haunted’ makes for a great introduction to their sound in anticipation of their upcoming album Birthed By Wolves. The grand scale and DIY aesthetic at times seems to nod towards London based electro boys The Big Pink, although here the sound is altogether darker and introspective, with chilling lyrics, “Some say she’s a beauty / Others say she’s a ghost / The way she drifts neon streets / Like a child that’s long lost.”

A perfect antidote to all the pop fluff that is thrown at us from every angle, this is a track to add some positive darkness and allow your inner goth some well deserved ‘me’ time.

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