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Blood Sugar Summer – The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet

More doomy darkwave from goth synth rockers Blood Summer Sugar, and it’s just as you’d expect from those descriptors.

artworks-000090662168-p9o1if-t500x500With lyrics like “She never made it past eighteen / She was so lonely, she was so lonely / The girl, murdered by fame”, it’s never going to be wise to expect the jolliest or most uplifting of tunes, but that’s where Blood Sugar Summer do so well in manipulating the darkness of lyrics and distorted guitars, and blending those tones with spiralling, glacial elements of crystalline synths that shimmer and sparkle like an aural undertow that pulls the song along, unrelentingly. Thankfully the track is given a good seven minutes to establish itself, with the vocals leaning at times towards Russell Brand’s on-screen stint as a punk singer in the fictional band Infant Sorrow, where similarly the vocal’s low end gave a solemn weight to the music’s overall tone. ‘The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet’ works as a slow burner, despite its initial burst of energy, taking its time to allow the lyrics to take root and for the instruments to work in dialogue as the phasey guitars pull and tug against the synth throb that drives throughout.

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