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BLOW_FLYY – To The Starz


To The Starz

With a piano intro and simple synth lead, ‘To The Starz’ leads into BLOW_FLYY’s rhymes. The vocal is up close and intimate, moving back and forth with a distant echo laden part coming in and out. His vocal is distinct in that there is a lot of air, which is appropriate for the high-flying themes of the track, looking up to the skies, musing on clouds and galaxies. There is no doubt left the artist is keen to be discovered based on the vocals, although with the number of hip-hop trolls out there on the internet it can be hard sometimes to distinguish between them all.

Applause Remix

On the remix of ‘Applause’, there’s a hectic mix of house beats and tremolo-filled synth wavers. It’s created as a four-to-the-floor banger, with the vocals getting a little lots in the mix as the beat and bass are brought forward more prominently. This is the kind of track that could quite easily gain attention through the summer season when everyone is on holiday and dancing the nights away. The beat is huge and there whole track has a certain amount of relentlessness to it, so if you’re not prepared for it, it might be a little exhausting.

BLOW_FLYY’s tunes are specific and to a certain taste, and if it’s not for you it might get a little wearying on the ears. That said, there are bound to be a great many out there who are after exactly this kind of thing. Go ahead and check it out to see what you think.

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