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Blue – Like It Loud


Positively packed with drops, chops, and stutters, Blue delivers white-boy hip-hop that throws in everything but the kitchen sink.

‘Like It Loud’ uses a strings sample to underpin the track, with Blue’s raps trampling over the beats, with volume drops and stuttering chopped elements coming from every angle. As a track, it commands the attention, although there’s little variety in terms of dynamic, and when the vocal moves into a more sung-section it’s less impressive – although the Linkin Park style gravelly screams add something a bit different to the mix.

‘Head To Toe’ keeps things going in a similar vein, this time opening with a confident female vocal. This time however, we’ve got some house organs added that parp frenetically and create a darkness to the track that suits the vocal well.

This move in a different direction on ‘Gems’, opening with an easy going piano part. With the rap added in, it’s reminiscent of Eminem’s ‘Mockingbird’, with its ticking-clock samples and distinctive flow. Add to that the sung chorus, there’s a fragility to the track that is often lacking amongst all the bravado often displayed in most hip-hop.

Blue’s music is currently available as a free download, so there’s no risk for you to give it a try!

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