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Bob Pepek – Down Here

Bob Pepek’s ‘Down Here’ is an earnest and heartfelt song, a touching memorial to a lost loved one which is portrayed sensitively through some thoughtful arrangement.

SB_50709 (1)Mostly piano led with some strong guitar work, it’s a track that stands out on its own terms. When music is so clearly based on real life and loss, it almost always becomes touching in some way, but Bob Pepek’s skill in writing and performing makes this become so much more. It is never once trite, or twee, with no moments that become cringeworthy. If anything Pepek really draws the listener in to his reality, inviting them to engage with the sense of loss and the desire to see the person who has gone just for one final glimpse. While there is such a deep sense of sadness and longing in the song, there is also an element of hope within, poining towards the way in which those of us who are left behind still have a life to live, perhaps in honour of those who have left us. Musically, the track allows plenty of room for the words to make an impact, creating moments of cinematic power and strength, so that as the final bars play out we are left with the same sense of bereavement that has been communicated.

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