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Bobby Nelson – The World Is Yours

R&B infused hip hop right here from Bobby Nelson ready to bring some soul to the party.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.25.48‘The World Is Yours’ might not be the most earth shattering track you’ve heard this year, but don’t hold that against it. As you give it some closer inspection, the song has been put together with real care and craft. Nelson’s hip hop is tight, with a flow that powers forwards with strength and confidence. His style tends to be one that sticks with one tone rather than using a range of vocal dynamics, but this allows his words to cut through all the more clearly. Add to that the delicate female vocal on the refrain and the whole thing comes together with a richness that isn’t quite so obvious when the track first starts. The central message comes through clearly, albeit ever so slightly heavy handedly – ok, if you have a dream, go for it, yes we get it. It’s this kind of message that is so often used in this kind of genre that it can easily desensitise the listeners and it can come across as a bit of a cliche. But let’s not hold that against it. Bottom line: it’s a track that will appeal to anyone looking for a smooth track to add to their party playlist.

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