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Brandon Adamson – In This Town

As ‘In This Town’ begins, it’s almost impossible to get a handle on what’s going on, or quite what to expect.

inthistownblueforwebAs the chaos subsides, we shift into a slice of indie electronica, and it soon becomes clear we have moved into Brandon Adamson’s own parallel universe. A vintage bossanova beat clicks away in the background, while neon swells move back and forth with flashes of chip tune influenced bleeps appearing here and there. Vocally, Adamson leans more towards a Joy Division/New Order/The Cure influenced sound, slightly monotone as if his voice has been translated from a morse code message. More curiously, the track eventually slips into a hectic breakdown that moves from calm, peaceful dreamscape into a circuit board dance floor anthem, as if the oscillators and chips and wires have come to live to throw some shapes along with the very music they are creating. Brandon Adamson’s music is certainly left field, and as such this is the kind of music that will gather a great many fans, in particular those who are looking out for something a bit weirder and unusual – something that still follows most of the standard music making traditions, but has the guts to tweak things out of recognition from time to time.

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