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Brent LeVasseur – Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) [feat. Élan Noelle]

With its outer space theme, ‘Another World’ is the theme song for the upcoming book Aoleon the Martian Girl, which features vocals from Élan Noelle.


The overall sound is euro pop to the max, with its upbeat organs, thumping bassline, and addictive electronic drums, it’s the kind of song that might not grab attention as being the next song to be covered by an X Factor contenstant, but it does an incredibly good job of holding on to the attention throughout its sub five minute duration. What remains to be genuinely intriguing is the entire concept of releasing a theme song to go with a book – something that you don’t come across all that often, and as a result it manages to do two things at the same time; increase interest for the book through the release of the song, and give the book a sense of style and aesthetic to add to its narrative. It’s punchy, and yet brings with it a sense of lightness, with Élan Noelle’s vocal perfectly capturing the voice of the narrative’s protagonist. While it’s an unusual approach to releasing a song, it make for an altogether fascinating method that should mean that the song and the book are able to complement each other perfectly.





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