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Bruce Mountain Band – Another Day Lost

With its opening notes, Another Day Lost immediately offers a sense of curiosity. The swirling electronic tones wash back and forth, drawing the listener in with anticipation.

albumart_brucemountainband_200x200And so, as ‘Shine On’ unfolds into its fuller shape, we are presented with something quite opposite to those first electronic notes and instead find ourselves in the midst of gritty southern rock. Tyson Bruce’s voice drawls all over the track with a swagger and a slur, adding a richness and depth to the music.

‘Namaste’ offers a more mid tempo feel, with some great layers vocals that lean in a Guns N Roses direction, while managing to keep things feeling fresh and original. It’s a track that will get classic rock fans tapping their toes, with plenty going on to keep things interesting.

‘Thank You’ pulls things back a bit, all swirly chorus effected guitars and a romantic feel that would be fitting for the last song at a wedding, while ‘Crossroads’ stays in a similar state of reflection that ruminates and rumbles with some growling, fizzing tones that create intrigue.

There is certainly a range of sounds throughout the album – tracks like ‘Living Without You’ and ‘Woman’ channel some heavier metal tones that are aggressive and juicy.

As a 16 track double album, there is a lot to discover on Another Day Lost, so if dirty southern rock is your kind of thing, give this a spin and enjoy the ride.

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