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Cazrati – Vegas B**ch

Three minutes of intense house beats. No need to look much further, then.

avatars-000140046985-hoes77-t500x500Opening deceptively gently, Cazrati’s track begins with an unassuming bass thunk that gradually builds alongside the sassy female vocal before we are thrust headlong into a honking siren and the track explodes. ‘Vegas B**ch’ features just about every element you might expect to find on a track of this type; reverse cymbal swells, vocals that land smack bang on the beat, and a cheeky 808 snare. Throw in some more unusual sounds such as the ethnic tones of the drum samples, and we have a track that manages to do everything by the book, and then throw the book out of the window. In some way’s it’s surprisingly short, bearing in mind the time it takes for the track to really get going. In the end we only get given just over a couple of minutes of fully fleshed out beats, but this is a good example of what Cazrati is capable of. There is no question this is the kind of music that will get bodies seriously moving in the clubs, and let’s face it, that’s exactly what the purpose of straight down the line house music is.

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