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Chainflower – Chainflower EP

Explosive alt rock right here from Chainflower with their Chainflower EP. Jump in for the ride.

ChainflowerWith guitars from Kelly Wheeler and fronted by Erika Renee, Chainflower is a heady cocktail of post punk energy and first waving defiance. ‘The Fever’ splutters its guitars left, right, and centre while Renee slathers the track with her made to measure rock vocals which take the sound into Metallica territory, particularly when the uplifting chorus kicks in. The fun really starts at the track’s mid point, where things start to go slightly crazy with epic harmonic shifting on the guitar and drum patterns that fire off in all directions. ‘Dissolve In The Sky’ galvanises Chainflower’s sound more firmly, with its industrial guitar clanks and punk chops, although when the chorus arrives it doesn’t quite deliver in terms of lifting the track into a new dimension. Where it does shine is more in the guitar work and the solo that leaps into play at the track’s halfway point. Chainflower have so much going for them, and these songs are an ideal introduction and do the job perfectly in terms of giving us some idea of what to expect from their output in the future. Plug in, turn up, rock out.

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