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Chance Blair – Jersey Girl

Opening with a stripped back vibe as the bass gradually pulls itself into the scene, Chance Blair’s distinctive vocal enters the mix.

artworks-000093116044-2de22w-t120x120Tinted with autotune to give his tone some bite, Blair gets straight to business by rapping about his titular Jersey Girl. The beats are really enjoyable – unusual in their more breakbeat style which doesn’t tend to make much of an appearance in hip hop, and Chance Blair’s crossover into more of a pop aesthetic allows for this very well. As the track progresses, its glacial synths begin to creep forward and make themselves more apparent, and they add a strange combination of bright chill and ambient darkness. Lyrically Blair packs the track full of points to make sure we know plenty about his Jersey Girl – she looks cool, she’s smart, and she’s a hard worker. The lines do get repeated, but on the second time around they are laid down over a more washed out section of music that makes the vocal tone really stand out, while the music turns towards more of a rave organ and house piano affair with a bass sweep that hypes and excitens the whole track. Chance Blair’s work here is unassuming but brings with it a confidence that will be a treat to the ears of many urban electronic music fans.

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