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Charming Timur – For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment

Opening with ‘Flanger Effects And Venlafaxine’, For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment immediately establishes itself as an unconventional record.

Charming TimurCombining elements of doom/sludge metal with an industrial undercurrent, Helsinki’s Charming Timur delivers a mind bending blend of psych rock and metal that is simply fascinating. Self described as a ‘one man musical plane crash’, it’s music that you can’t help but pay attention to, no matter how horrifying or disturbing its content. Oddly, there are even hints of nineties brit pop to be found, leaning slightly towards the Stone Roses on some of the vocals. The opening track in particular manages to layer the sound in such a way that it feels as though it might tumble over at any moment, and somehow it never gets too muddy but stays on point for its duration. ‘You Are Next’ adds some seriously harrowing screams, making the album’s title all the more disturbing, bringing up thoughts of the sounds that echo around psych ward corridors, while ‘Armed For A Schoolday’ unloads a barrage of metal which thrashing guitars and cymbals that threaten to spiral out of control. As a result, ‘Fly With Me’ becomes something of a welcome oasis of calm, with its gentle lo fi guitars and delicate vocals that have been heavily treated with auto tune to the point where they wobble and warble off pitch, being used more as another instrument than vocals in their classic sense. ‘You Can’t Handle This’ features glitched and chopped up tones that open the track with a sense of fear and foreboding, that only increases as the track progresses, with its aggressively whispered vocals that nod towards Nine Inch Nails and give a healthy does of old school industrial rock. It’s not exactly the kind of music you’d want to put on for a dinner party or play to your grandmother, but it’s certainly the kind of thing that will show your friends your taste in music is broad and eclectic. There are times such as on ‘Had Enough’ where the heaviness reaches great heights, the doom and sludge building up into a kind of wall that locks you in on all sides with no chance of escape. It’s as if even if you wanted it to stop, you wouldn’t be able to resist it. As a result, when the track draws back at its mid point it comes as something of a shock, with its radio dial tuning noises and terrifying wails, and as such once the beat and guitars kick back in it feels like a natural progression. There are some more traditional moments to be found here too – the raw guitars on ‘Close’ and ‘Illness’ feel classic and full of energy, while ‘A Human Cell’ starts off more stripped back and wild, gradually unfolding itself into a schizophrenic sounding collision of thoughts. Closing with ‘Our Day Is Beautiful’, For The Duration Of Psychiatric Treatment reaches its conclusion by being very honest and true to itself. Charming Timur’s creation might not be the most penetrable, but it is sure to draw on the curiosity of many metal fans with a taste for something different.

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