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Chords Of Truth – Freedom

‘Freedom’ from Chords Of Truth opens with a fizzing, gritty tone that leads into an uplifting slice of country tinged americana.

chords of truthWherever you might stand on that kind of sound, Chords Of Truth has created a new track that is fundamentally true to itself, with a real sense of personal integrity that runs right through. “We have questions about how things are done / Is there a rule of thumb / On how to find happiness and love” throws out some pertinent questions that we have all asked from time to time. As a result, ‘Freedom’ becomes something special, like those times when you’re in conversation with a friend and all of a sudden you’re both struck by some vast concept that is so much bigger than the both of you – those times where you see value in each other while at the same time have become acutely aware of how small we all are in a vast universe. Rather than being dragged down into that strange, meaningless pit, Chords Of Truth manages to put forward some very profound concepts and package them in an uplifting wrapper that actually manages to leave the listener with a sense of worth. Maybe, just maybe, we’re all going to make it in the end after all.

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