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Chris Hayle – This Is God’s Country


Christian music doesn’t often get a very good deal when it comes to being talked about in the press outside of its own circles. Someone once said, “Why should the devil get all the best tunes?” It’s a good question.

Often the counter argument is, why can’t Christians put together a decent tune? While that may be a little harsh (there have been some great Christian artists over the years, particularly in the harder metal area with bands like Underoath, Demon Hunter, and Thrice) it’s probably fair to say that Christian music rarely makes much of a dent against the ‘heathen’ work that it stands in competition with.

As a British based reviewer, Chris Hayle’s ‘This Is God’s Country’ immediately comes off as overly patriotic, smothered in stars and stripes and the tropes of country music we’ve all come to expect. What can’t be faulted is Hayle’s message – clear and unapologetic. Whatever you believe, this is music being used to state where someone stands and makes the point of calling out to his like minded brethren to join arms and stand up for what they believe in.

Musically, it’s a strong and well recorded track which will appeal to a wide range of country aficiandos, certainly those into the Christian country scene. Also of note is the accompanying video – well shot, with a strong artistic flair that aids in communicating the song’s message further still.

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