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Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)

Hey, have you heard Christine Saadé’s ‘Get Together’? As the winter nights continue to draw in, this is exactly the kind of  high energy dance music to get you moving around and getting the glow sticks out. Like so much dance music, it’s much less about narrative structure or telling a story, and so much more about conveying a feeling, or painting a picture of an experience.

artworks-000193724537-1hujqi-t500x500The insistent bass thumps throughout the track like a relentless heartbeat that keeps the music alive, leading eventually to the classic high point where the music reaches fever pitch and invites the listener to lose themselves fully to the music.

There are several different remixes of ‘Get Together’, and this one in particular offers its own unique vibe. As a club anthem that has its own house elements, it’s a song that can serve multiple purposes – put it on while you’re getting ready to go out, play it loud through the car stereo while you drive through the night, or simply groove along to it on the club dancefloor.

The beat is infectious, and Saadé’s vocal comes out on top having been given the remix treatment – the perfect tone that blends a sultry allure with optimistic innocence. Crank it up and groove on down.

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