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CIKATRI$ – Aie ! – le trois

Self styled avant pop punkers CIKATRI$ leap into action, ready to smack you full in the face with their keytar powered sonic assault in the shape of the latest EP, enigmatically titled Aie ! – le trois.

CIK-Singer-1024x682As a reviewer who has to listen to all kinds of music and often will spend days diligently working through minute upon minute of mediocre tunes, it’s tunes like this that snap me right out of my solipsistic fugue and find myself getting excited again. Literally two seconds in, ‘Quand me réveillerai-je ?’ grabs hold of the inner ears with a kind of cochlear Vulcan grip. The music seems effortlessly simple, and yet it’s Aurélie Ferr’s attention to detail as a result of her classical training that makes the frenetic craziness so compelling. ‘Qui le fera ?’ is a spiky, tight one minute and twenty seconds of raw noise rock that takes the passion of the Sex Pistols and presents it with a modern twist, at the same time lacing its tone with an eighties feel.

It’s such an entrancing record that takes the listener on all kinds of twists and turns, passing through White Stripes influences and constantly threatening to skitter totally out of control. Not to be missed.

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