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CitySpeak – Audio Tech-Noir


CitySpeak’s Jesse Mason has created a selection of modern, energetic tracks that come together to form the album that is Audio Tech-Noir.

Opening with ‘Alpha’, it’s clear this music is with a clear journey in mind. Like a futuristic car warming up for the long ride ahead, it bristles and jitters with expectation before leadigning into the rhytmic pumping of ‘Arrival’.

Single ‘Rad Racer’ is a glacial, spiky, pulsing track which tones that are not unlike the kind of work produced by Rustie, although perhaps a little more reserved than that producer’s more hectic work. There are bursts of energy throughout the track that appear like pockes, as if speeding down an empty road at night, with long gaps between the streetlights.

Tracks like ‘Blush Response’ and ‘M.Machina’ continue with the overall feel of momentum that is prevalent throughout the album, at times sounding like the soundtrack from the now ancient video game F Zero.

The album’s title track is particularly treble heavy, almost insect like in its tone, moving into more industrial drum and bass territory, while remaining firmly experimental it its approach.

Closing with the aptly titled ‘Omega’, Audio Tech-Noir concludes with clattering breakbeats and some wonderfully dissonant notes that create a fascinating tension against the synth tones that run throughout the track.

More a modern, exciting set of tracks that take you on a journey through chiptune, bitcore, electronica, drum and bass, and everything in between, check out Audio Tech-Noir by CitySpeak. Just don’t expect there to be any pit stops along the way: get in, or get off!

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