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Convulsic – Love Space EP


Opening with brittle, warped beats, Convulsic’s Love Space EP‘s first track ‘The Day You Left’ creates a moody atmosphere.

Chopped, stuttering female vocals set the stage with a big bass beat behind them, before the house organ moves in to play, as the double-time rhythm kicks. From this point on, all best are off – Colvulsic throws everything at the track but the kitchen sink; bass drops, glitched-out glimmers, Rustie-esque bleeps, and a massive sprinkling of dubby throbs. Vocals are chopped up beyond recognition, until everything pulls back to present a distant wash of smoky electronica. The track shifts and changes, keeping interesting the whole time, and closes on a softer tone, with a heatbeat-style throb before its abrupt end.

‘Love Space’ keeps things going in a similar style, although the vocal sample feels slightly ill-fitting on some notes which although something of a shame, creates an intriguing vibe that keeps the track slightly on edge. The electronic arpeggios create a pretty texture shifting up and down on the left and right channels, and droney sirens begin to creep in to the mix to punctuate the bass drops. The mid point of the track sees things pulled back a little to allow the track some room to breathe, until a four-to-the-floor beat kicks in leading into the trademark dubstep breaks and beats.

For some manic, all-out dubstep, check out the Love Space EP by Convulsic.

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