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Creation Mind – The Crimson Sun

Enormous. That’s the first word that springs to mind when ‘The Crimson Sun’ bursts into life.

1392066966_CrimsonSun.jpegCreation Mind, a project by Mike Parenti of Predestined, draws influences from classic rock bands such as the Beatles, the Who, and early Genesis. ‘The Crimson Sun’ bears all the hallmarks of these influences, and even betraying a touch of early Oasis (also highly influenced by the aforementioned classic groups).

For its opening bars, ‘The Crimson Sun’ is big, confident, and warm, with a clear sense of direction and purpose. This is music that knows exactly what it is doing and where it is going. The guitars are tight and bluesy, and the vocals are swirling with effective use of double tracking and some great background harmonies. On the subject of the vocals, Parenti’s voice is enjoyably unusual, with an affected intonation that makes the vocal just as much a part of the instrumentation. On further inspection, the track begins to reveal itself as heavily layered – after repeated listens more and more elements bubble up. In the end, it’s all down to the sum of the parts, and the way that all the various elements work together to complement each other and form a three minute tune that stands as a testimony to all that is great about classic rock.

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