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Crooked Eye Tommy – Butterflies & Snakes

A curious hybrid of style and sound, Crooked Eye Tommy releases to the wild the musical chimera that is Butterflies & Snakes.

cover170x170 (2)Sometimes when you are walking along the street, usually later in the day when the sun has started to go down and details become harder to make out, there are these odd moments where you catch a glimpse of someone you think you know. It’s not until getting closer to that person however that you realise it wasn’t who you thought it was at all. It can be a strange sensation, moving from a mistaken familiarity towards the unknown.

Crooked Eye Tommy, for the uninitiated, creates the kind of sound that first feels familiar, just like an old friend. Of course, once the songs begin to unfold for the first time it becomes clear that this is new and unknown. There is a classic, warm tone that sits somewhere between smoky blues and wistful country and laces it with a crunchy rock bite. Songs like ‘Time Will Tell’ even let in a little bit of funk, nodding ever so slightly towards Hendrix, and bringing a sense of fun to offset the lonely country melancholia that runs through it. There are even moments of psych rock – check the swirling organs of ‘Tide Pool’ that carries the listener off into a haze of woozy nostalgia.

Fans of country and blues will find plenty to enjoy on Butterflies & Snakes, and by the time the final notes of ‘Southern Heart’ have faded away, there’s a sense hanging in the air that Crooked Eye Tommy is no longer the stranger anymore, but a welcome friend.

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